Framed helps you improve your product, find your most valuable customers, and keep way more of them around.


Connect Framed to your existing analytics tool and get spot-on churn predictions in 24 hours flat.

Mixpanel, Amplitude, and KISSmetrics tell you what your customers did in the past, but not what they will do in the future.

Framed sits on top of these analytics products and gives you accurate predictions about which customers are likely to churn—so you can reach out and save revenue before it walks out the door.


Learn which features keep your customers around (and which ones drive them away).

Conventional retention charts only show you how long various cohorts of customers stick around.

The Framed retention report tells you exactly which features and customer behaviors inside your product are likely to lead to churn—so you can prioritize your roadmap, plug the leaks, and build a stickier, more valuable product.


Determine once and for all which marketing channels produce your most valuable customers.

Facebook? Google AdWords? Organic Search? Most analytics tools only tell you which websites and campaigns gave you the most sign-ups and highest conversions.

But Framed goes a big step further, showing you which traffic sources bring you customers that stick around. Stop pouring cash into a leaky funnel. Double down on the marketing channels that deliver profitable growth.

Marketing Channels

Hundreds of subscription product companies use Framed to understand churn and build a product that sticks.


Here's what our customers say about us:

"I feel like I just looked at the future. Never lose another user. Framed Data is obliterating churn."
Alexis Ohanian
(Founder, Reddit)
"Great product, great people, great vision. Thanks Framed Data for shining more light into the potential of Data."
Rafael Balbi 
(Product Manager)
"Not gonna lie, Framed and Mixpanel are a match made in heaven."
Edward Podojil 
(Data Scientist)

Framed integrates with the data sources you already use.

a couple of clicks, an API key or two, and 24-hours later, the insights come pouring in!