Why Framed?

You've worked hard to acquire customers. Use Framed to reduce churn, improve retention, and save revenue. Get insights into your product and users like never before.


Our Technology


Analyzes behaviors of users who left in the past. Then applies machine learning to predict who's likely to leave. 


Identifies and groups your at-risk and highest value users. Then we tell you why they're likely to leave or stay.


Provides actionable insights on who to contact for re-engagement and how to boost retention with product improvements.


Your company is in good company.


What people are saying about Framed.

"I feel like I just looked at the future. Never lose another user. Framed Data is obliterating churn."
Alexis Ohanian 
(Founder, Reddit)
"Great product, great people, great vision. Thanks Framed Data for shining more light into the potential of Data."
Rafael Balbi 
(Product Manager)
"Not gonna lie, Framed and Mixpanel are a match made in heaven."
Edward Podojil 
(Data Scientist)

Easy Integration

We offer one-click integration with a variety of analytics services.

Don't see your data analytics provider on this list? No problem! Contact us and we'll get you set up.